This is socialservices work of limited scope and increasing difficulty. An employee in thisclass is responsible for performing a wide variety of counseling, referral,placement and/or adoptive assignments related to services to children andyouth, services to adults and the aging, and correctional rehabilitation.Employees work independently on less complex assignments and receive a somewhatgreater degree of supervisory guidance on the more complex assignments.Assignments expand in scope and complexity as employees gain experience in thework. Contact with individuals, their families, representatives of private andpublic welfare agencies, representatives of professional and community groups,and the general public is a significant aspect of the work. Work is performedunder the general supervision of a technical or managerial superior.


Performs theduties shown below with members of the English language speaking and designatednon-English language speaking populations.

All Positions

Performs avariety of counseling, referral, placement and/or adoptive services forassigned cases within respective program; interviews defined client and/orfamily members to elicit information and reviews case record for client's andfamily's profiles, socio-economic history, previous treatment and serviceexperiences, and/or special problems and needs; observes interactions ofclient, family members and peers; contacts concerned members of professionaland community groups to discuss case, problems, prognosis, behavior patterns,recommendations and service needs.

Evaluatesindividual's needs, interest, motivation and pattern of responsibility;develops service plan to provide a variety of social services and referrals tomeet social, financial, behavioral, medical and/or psychological needs; recommendsmost appropriate vocational, educational, counseling and/or treatment programs;provides continuous counseling to achieve objectives, enhance communicationsand understanding, and resolve problems; counsels individuals in such areas aspersonal and family management, housing, schooling, employment, and skilldevelopment; monitors progress, attitudes, and behavior of individual andfamily members; discusses case, special problems, client's needs and proposedservice plan with supervisor.

Plans for theappropriate placement of individual in a temporary or permanent care program,facility or institution; arranges for any medical or psychiatric treatmentprior to placement; interviews and orients prospective applicants, clients andproviders in the program's goals and objectives, roles and responsibilities ofvarious parties, and legal ramifications; places individual in most appropriateprogram; visits client home and placement facility to evaluate progress and/orproblems of client, and services to client; reviews reports on status, progressand/or problems of client; prepares written evaluations of agency; findsalternative placement for client when condition, circumstances or problemswarrant; may recommend services provided to client by agency be terminated.

Initiatescourt action when appropriate; prepares necessary court petitions anddocuments; discusses case with attorneys, witnesses, and other departmentalofficials; testifies in court.

Prepares avariety of reports, forms, and correspondence such as case summaries, progressreports, and authorization forms; attends staff and personal conferences.

Performsrelated work as required.

Department of Human Services Positions Only

Quality Visitation Reviewer

Visits homes and meetswith families to ensure that case documentation matches the family’s experienceof services received.


Completes FamilyFinding and all other appropriate searches for extended family and supportsutilizing electronic searches and databases; schedules team decision makingmeetings and invites all stakeholders to attend meetings; completes the initialFamily Information Form to identify relatives tonotify about placement; engages families and explains the purpose andimportance of participating in the team meeting; attends the team meeting andrecords notes and recommendations that will drive the practice.

Schedules teaming decision making meetings.

Gathers information on,communicates with and schedules participants in the teamings.

Assists the Practice Specialist in preparationfor each teaming; reviews any case documents such as the current status ofcases and service plans and gathers pertinent information; provides anynecessary support to ensure that teamings occur timely and successfully; tracksprogress and maintains record of all teamings; prepares reports, forms, andcorrespondences as appropriate.

PhiladelphiaJuvenile Justice Services Center Assignment

Performsabove-mentioned duties and a variety of counseling and referral services forjuvenile residents at the Juvenile Justice Services Center; acts as a liaisonfor residents by communicating with Court officers, probation officers,therapists, medical providers, families, educators and other social workagencies; administers assessments and screening instruments; documents casemanagement and assessments in file system; write court reports; ensures qualityof social work services provided to residents and implements best practices;completes training required under PA Code Chapter 3800.



·the principles, practices and techniques of socialservices work as it pertains to children and youth, adults and the aging, andthose correctionally institutionalized

·the laws, regulations and rules governing the provisionof social services to children and youth, adults and the aging, and thosecorrectionally institutionalized

·philosophy and objectives underlying social services forchildren and youth

·current social, economic and health programs appropriatefor the population served

·functions and resources of public and private welfare andrelated agencies for meeting social, financial, and medical problems

·theories, principles and techniques of working with individualswith severe emotional, mental, and social problems

·the causes of social maladjustment and other socialfactors which necessitate the placement or institutionalization of children andadults

·social factors which contribute to attitudes andbehaviors common to abandoned, neglected and/or dependent individuals

·the principles, practices, methods and techniques in thefield of social service planning

·social, environmental, economic and psychological factorsunderlying the breakdown of the family structure

·concepts and methods utilized in the prevention ofself-destructive behaviors

·English usage, spelling and grammar


·observe, recognize, analyze and report an individual'sbehavioral, attitudinal, emotional and social problems and develop a plan fortheir resolution

·evaluate program service quality and effectiveness as itrelates to an individual's needs

·employ tact, diplomacy and judgment in dealing withsensitive or personal problems and hostile attitudes

·establish rapport and cooperative relationships withindividuals possessing social and emotional problems

·establish and maintain effective working relationshipswith public and private social service officials, representatives of communityorganizations, associates and the general public

·prepare a variety of written reports

·present ideas effectively, both orally and in writing

·Usepersonal computers and relevant software packages and applications

·Use computer analytic tools, standard quantitative datacollection tools, and qualitative interviews if required by assignment

·complete staff trainings required by state regulationsfor positions in DHS assigned to the Philadelphia Juvenile Justice ServicesCenter

·usemedically reviewed and recognized Emergency Safety Physical Intervention (ESPI)techniques to physically restrainyouths as needed to maintain safety and security for Philadelphia JuvenileJustice Center Positions only

·speak read and write in a specified non-English languageand in English fluently for the bilingual specialty

MINIMUM ACCEPTABLETRAINING AND EXPERIENCE (The following statement representsthe minimum training and experience standards which will be used to admit orreject applicants for tests. Applications submitted by candidates for thisclass will be reviewed based on training and experience requirements asapproved on 9/19.)


Completion ofa bachelor's degree in social work, social services, sociology, psychology,criminal justice, behavioral health, public health, human services, human orchild development, education or a closely related field at an accreditedcollege or university.



Twoyears of case management experience that has been accrued after completion ofthe bachelor’s degree program performing a variety of social services relatedto children and youth, adults and the aging, and/or correctionalrehabilitation.


Any equivalentcombination of education and experience determined to be acceptable by theOffice of Human Resources, which has included a bachelor's degree as an educationalminimum.

NOTE: This note does not applyto career advancement or in-position promotion. A Master's Degree in SocialWork may be substituted for the two years of experience.


Sufficienttraining and/or experience to be able to converse effectively in English andthe designated non-English language.


Ability tophysically perform the duties and to work in the environmental conditionsrequired of a position in this class.

Ability to physically restrain youths usingmedically reviewed and recognized Emergency Safety Physical Intervention (EPSI)techniques in order to maintain safety and security of self and residents untilassistance arrives for Philadelphia Juvenile Justice Services Center positionsonly.

Abilityto escort youths throughout the facility including corridors, and climbing up

and down stairs as requiredfor Philadelphia Juvenile Justice Services Center positions



Possession ofa valid proper class motor vehicle operator's license as issued by theCommonwealth of Pennsylvania prior to appointment and during tenure ofemployment as a Social Work Services Manager 1, if required by work assignment.

Note:This is not a licensed social worker position.

Department of HumanServices Positions Only

Note:Child Protective Service Law requires FBI criminal history background check aswell as the PSP criminal history background check and Pennsylvania child abusebackground check as a condition of initial employment and during tenure ofemployment.

NOTE: If the FBI/Pennsylvania State Police criminalbackground checks reveal the existence of a disqualifying offense, additionaldocumentation must be submitted as required by the City of Philadelphia todetermine eligibility for appointment to or continued employment in the classunder the Child Protective Services Law.

Philadelphia JuvenileJustice Services Center Positions

As mandated byPennsylvania Code Chapter 3800 governing Child Treatment Facilities,certification of completion of Crisis Intervention and Behavior Managementtraining within 120 days of appointment and recertification on an annual basisduring tenure of employment is required for the Philadelphia Juvenile JusticeServices Center positions.

ClassEstablished - 1/53

Spec. Revision - 12/89

CSC - 7/94; Ad. Board - 8/94; CSC -8/09; Ad. Board - 9/09

CSC - 11/09; Ad. Board - 12/09

CSC - 9/12; Ad. Board - 11/12

Spec. Revision: CSC – 11/15; Ad. Board – 12/15

Latest Spec. Revision:

CSC – 7/19

Ad. Board – 9/19


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