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Frankie St John

Ive been going to this park the last 8 years now and Ive noticed a change in behavior by the park rangers in the last 8 months. I am african-american and I go to the park on a daily basis. Whenever I show up, the park rangers (specifically 2 female officers) make it their point of duty to park next to me in a blatant display of monitoring my activities. I must let you know that Ive never had an incident in this park or any other for that matter. I have not noticed this behavior with the other patrons or even with the public sexual activities and drug usage from the other patrons. My conclusion is that they are performing racial profiling which I find extremely offensive. This park has rangers who do not like black people and something needs to be done about it. I am, and continue to be, an upstanding citizen in the Irvine community.


Brenda Ponnay

Bill Mason Park is one of my favorite parks of all time. The meandering paths under big shady trees, not one but two lakes stretching on, the ducks swimming with their little babies, the picturesque bridge perfect for family portraits, the multitude of shade structures and picnic areas, the fun playgrounds for littles...there is even an amphitheater for summer concerts and a butterfly garden! Parking is reasonable and there is plenty of it, though personally I would rather bike or walk in. Love this park!


Daniel Jackson

Good facilities for an afternoon with family; parking is $5 (unless you have a county parks pass, which thankfully my employer pays for) and the washroom/BBQ facilities arent the very best in the region, but if you can walk there its a cool spot to watch ducks, geese and turtles. We usually see one kind of unusual sea bird or another drop by when we walk there.The playground is pretty small, as is the amphitheater, but the volleyball courts are solid.Dont miss the butterfly garden!


mia wu

This is such a beautiful serene park. Always a go to for picnics and BBQs. They have a great playground, beautiful ponds, walking trail, bridges and ducks. Ive gotten so many great pictures of the kids here, its very pretty. The only downside is how much duck poop there is, i mean its everywhere! I feel like they could do more to clean it up, especially since you have to pay for parking to get in.


Amanda Jahanvash

Beautiful, well maintained park. Lots of grassy areas. Many covered gazebos and BBQs to use. They charge $15 to park for a special event but thats ok. Its worth it. They have many restrooms and bring in portable restrooms. The park rangers are pleasant and helpful.They also have mounted police patrolling.As you come in they give you a trash bag. Great idea !


OJ Chan

The w/end pkg is 5.00 a car, 3.00 during the week. Very well maintained. Lots of parking that dead ends in sections for nice group parties, appears the extra nice bbq-pit, party areas can be reserved. eg. one in the middle near restrooms, sink/grill, grouped together bench/tables, coverage, etc. is pretty sweet. Must see park layout to fully appreciate.


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Monique Francesca DC

This is a gorgeous park. There are 6 shelters that can be reserved for parties on weekends but can be used on a first come first serve basis on weekdays. Its full of geese which is beautiful, but then the green areas around the lake are not clean enough to put a blanket and eat. At least if you get grossed out easily.


Eduardo Cruz

Great place to have a picnic and plenty of benches and grills. The pond has many turtle and birds to look at and being near the water is always great to stay cool. I sometimes jog around the perimeter of the park and use the workout bars to add a bit of muscle workout to compliment the cardio jogging.


Jolie Hales

If youre looking for green grass in Orange County during this drought, go to Mason Park. Beautiful landscape, paths, pond, playgrounds, and facilities. But be prepared to pay for parking, because it is a regional park, and its tricky to find free parking in the immediate area.


jao jing

Cant feed the ducks , pay for parking, staff is unhelpful, they cant keep the grass green even though they water in the middle of the day. Typical OC park that we all pay taxes for but they still charge for. Why even have "rangers" as they seem to do nothing but get paid well?


David Hilgendorf

I have a regional parks pass, so I came to check it out. Great place for a picnic, or to walk around the pond. Plenty of turtles and birds and big grassy fields, but not much else. I prefer every other OC regional park. Try Irvine regional for a full day of things to do.


Dilip Swaminathan

One of the most gorgeous parks in Irvine and Orange County. Quite large with play area for kids, several picnic tables shaded and open, a lake which attracts lots of birds and nice trails for walking. Restrooms are spaced out over the park and parking is 5$.


A Private User

its a beautiful place, but you are not allowed to feed the ducks! that was the whole reason for us to go there!!!i was also charged $3 to get in. not that high of a price, but when i was unable to do what i went there for...i was dissapointed.


Glauco Pires

A fantastic place, well taken care of. Its super silent during early hours (6AM~7AM), making it a perfect place to walk, jog and work out. For runners, it might be a little bit more difficult than normal tracks as there are lots of curves.


Scott Korba

Occasionally overrun with picnic/huge family gatherings or some oddball event, but otherwise a really well kept up, clean, fairly large park with ponds, playgrounds, a nice trail, etc. Parking is pricey so walk in instead.


Shashi D

Nice park for a walk or run. Park has a small lake with geese, ducks and turtles. Nice place for kids to play, slides, swing etc..lots of shade and benches which can be used for birthday and get together. Parking is $3.


Jerry Shi

Beautiful and spacious! Plenty of ducks and a nice playground (with some workout equipment for the adults). Dont forget to bring sunscreen and mosquito repellant, the place is crawling with bugs that like to bit.



Huge, clean, and awesome for a small festival. Parking is outrageous and traffic can be insane if theres a large event. The park was clearly planned well before they considered larger events.


barbara nelson

Recently attended a family reunion at the park. The reserved shelter worked out well. Lot of room to recreate in and the water was an beautiful feature. A huge park with something for everybody


Gary Bittner

Staff has upped there game. We host an annual event and were greeted by staff. Asked if we needed anything, and reviewed our reservation. They even brought more trash bags for us!


George Vazquez

Nice park, you have to pay for parking though which sucks, and the park closes at sunset which really sucks for the winter months. Big spacious park, lots of grills for your meat.



Excellent park for family and groups. Well equipped for barbeque. Clean and well maintained. Nice lake with ducks. There is a charge of $3 per car and I think $5 during weekends.


Smitha Sindagi

Great place in Irvine where you can finally see some people around . you can visit all by yourself ,bring elders ,kids and pets too. You can probably spend half a day at max .

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