Jurassic Park: The 20 Most Powerful Dinosaurs, Ranked (2023)

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  • The dinosaurs may have gone extinct millions of years ago, but the Jurassic Park franchise certainly hasn't. Though Jurassic World: Dominion sought to bring an end to the current trilogy in the long-running dinosaur-centric series, few believe the franchise to be truly finished at all, but merely laying dormant, awaiting its opportunity to introduce the world to even more of the strongest dinosaurs to ever walk the planet.

The Jurassic Park franchise now has six movies under its belt, and it would be surprising if the series doesn't continue in some form. From the beginning, fans haven’t been able to get enough of the realistic-looking dinosaurs and the excitement that comes with imagining a world where the creatures return.

While all fans have their own favorite dinosaurs, some of them are definitely much stronger than others. It’s not just the carnivores that are powerful and dangerous, either.

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The dinosaurs may have gone extinct millions of years ago, but the Jurassic Park franchise certainly hasn't. Though Jurassic World: Dominion sought to bring an end to the current trilogy in the long-running dinosaur-centric series, few believe the franchise to be truly finished at all, but merely laying dormant, awaiting its opportunity to introduce the world to even more of the strongest dinosaurs to ever walk the planet.


20 Dreadnoughtus

Jurassic Park: The 20 Most Powerful Dinosaurs, Ranked (1)

Dreadnoughtus are depicted in Jurassic World: Dominion, roaming the world in their majestic herds during the film's opening sequence. The species makes its very first appearance in this third Jurassic World film, which is truly surprising given its status as one of the largest dinosaurs to ever exist.

Though Dreadnoughtus are relatively peaceful, especially when compared to certain other dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park franchise, they are incredibly powerful as a result of their size alone. Their stature lends great strength to their massive legs and necks, which could easily smash entire buildings if given the opportunity, let alone human beings unfortunate enough to find themselves in the way.

19 Pachycephalosaurus

Jurassic Park: The 20 Most Powerful Dinosaurs, Ranked (2)

The Pachycephalosaurus is a dinosaur that viewers first see in Jurassic Park: The Lost World. This creature isn’t a carnivore, but this certainly does not mean that it isn't just as powerful or scary as certain other species in the franchise.

The Pachycephalosaurus is characterized by its domed head made of bone, which is used to combat predators (and others of the same species during mating season). These dinosaurs are like head-butting goats, but a thousand times worse. They shouldn't be underestimated, and nobody would want to be stuck between them and a wall. They might be small, but they are very strong.

18 Dimorophodon

Jurassic Park: The 20 Most Powerful Dinosaurs, Ranked (3)

Meat-eating dinosaurs that stalk the land are scary enough, but those that can fly are even worse. The Dimorphodon is, to be strictly technical, a pterosaur, but there's no time for semantics when an angry group of these things is on the hunt.

A real terror from above, it is their strength in numbers that make them a real threat as the aviary breakout sequence in Jurassic World so clearly showed, because they laid havoc to anything in their wake.

17 Triceratops

Jurassic Park: The 20 Most Powerful Dinosaurs, Ranked (4)

Triceratops is another herbivore that has a lot of power. This dinosaur has wicked horns to keep it safe from predators. The Triceratops has a large frill that could reach around three feet long. This, combined with those two large horns and small beak, make this animal quite intimidating to look at.

They are powerful in the way that a rhino is powerful, but with even more strength and size to them. While they wouldn’t eat a person, no one would want to mess with such a powerful beast. Even plenty of would-be predators often thought better of attacking.

16 Apatosaurus

Jurassic Park: The 20 Most Powerful Dinosaurs, Ranked (5)

Apatosaurus was so powerful because of its huge size. These animals were gentle and tended to move in herds, which also gave them an element of strength and power. While they could still be attacked by a large carnivore, their ability to use their long, strong tails to defend themselves earns them their spot on this list.

Much like the Triceratops, they were more than capable of fighting off their share of hungry predators. Maybe they weren't so heavily armed, but their size and strength made them forces to be reckoned with.

15 Dilophosaurus

Jurassic Park: The 20 Most Powerful Dinosaurs, Ranked (6)

This animal isn’t as big as some other giants, but it’s very frightening in its own way. This dinosaur is close to the size of a large dog, and it can even seem cute at first. However, it can also be rather deadly.

Fans will remember that it spits a tar-like venom on Dennis Nedry before moving in for the kill. This dinosaur is definitely one that fans wouldn’t want to meet while alone in the park. Thankfully, none of the scientists in Jurassic Park or Jurassic World thought to increase its size.

14 Pteranodon

Jurassic Park: The 20 Most Powerful Dinosaurs, Ranked (7)

These flying dinosaurs team up with Dimorphodons that also escape from the aviary to cause a huge amount of havoc in Jurassic World as the park falls apart. They also make a famous franchise appearance in the sequence inside the original aviary on Isla Sorna in the third Jurassic Park movie.

They're not only large, with huge and almost sword-like beaks, but they're also shown to be both agile and very aggressive. They go straight for humans when they see them, and they've been the cause of some of the most brutal moments of the franchise so far.

13 Allosaurus

Jurassic Park: The 20 Most Powerful Dinosaurs, Ranked (8)

Like the Velociraptors, the Allosaurus is a meat-eating therapod that hunts in packs though they are only seen by their lonesome in the movies and don't really see much action, so to speak.

Nevertheless, they're a frightening dinosaur who would be just as deadly up close as their more well-known relatives are. In the movies, even in their junior form, they're shown to be even larger than Velociraptors, with an intimidating set of claws and teeth.

12 Ankylosaurus

Jurassic Park: The 20 Most Powerful Dinosaurs, Ranked (9)

Referred to in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom as a "living tank", the Ankylosaurus is the most heavily armored dinosaur seen in the movies with a thick, scaly, top side and a powerful tail with a club on the end of it that can be used to devastating effect.

With all the power and defensive plating, it may seem like a shoo-in for the top spots, but its underside is still relatively unprotected, meaning they're in big trouble if they can be successfully flipped over.

11 Pyroraptor

Jurassic Park: The 20 Most Powerful Dinosaurs, Ranked (10)

The Pyroraptor appears in Jurassic World: Dominion in an attempt to produce a more scientifically accurate dinosaur. The feathered dinosaur adheres to more recent scientific descriptions of what dinosaurs might have looked like, though its abilities in the film are decidedly far more fictional than its design.

In Dominion, the Pyroraptor proves to be remarkably fast and, against all odds, a terrific swimmer. The beast confronts Owen and Kayla after their crash landing, quickly demonstrating how easily it could kill either one of them if it had the opportunity.

10 Carnotaurus

Jurassic Park: The 20 Most Powerful Dinosaurs, Ranked (11)

The Carnotaurus, as the name implies, is another meat-eating dinosaur and almost resembles a small Tyrannosaurus Rex. Though nowhere near as large or powerful, its plentiful sharp teeth and wide bite make it more than a concern for any human who comes across one in the wild.

The demonic horns on either side of its head are also quite intimidating, and it's shown holding its own against much heavier dinosaurs in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, even if it's mostly shown to be bullied around by the bigger T. rex.

9 Spinosaurus

Jurassic Park: The 20 Most Powerful Dinosaurs, Ranked (12)

Spinosaurus is a dinosaur that was featured in Jurassic Park III, and while that movie definitely isn’t regarded as one of the best in the franchise, its dinosaur star is as scary as they come.

Clearly, the third installment wanted to branch out a little, introducing a central dinosaur menace that wasn’t the T. rex. The Spinosaurus is bigger, for one thing, and has a large, intimidating spine on its back.

8 Indoraptor

Jurassic Park: The 20 Most Powerful Dinosaurs, Ranked (13)

A smaller and more weaponizable version of the Indominus Rex, the Indoraptor is clearly meant to be a creature that's designed to scare people above anything else and its high level of intelligence may in fact be its most dangerous quality.

Still, there are a number of things about it that don't really make sense and its bloodlust seems to override all of its logic and problem-solving skills. In the end, it gets itself cornered and taken out by a smaller Velociraptor that had, itself, just recovered from a serious gunshot wound.

7 Indominus Rex

Jurassic Park: The 20 Most Powerful Dinosaurs, Ranked (14)

Like the Indoraptor, the Indominus Rex is one of the Jurassic World franchise's entirely fictional breeds of dinosaur, having been genetically engineered by scientists in the films to create an entirely new species. The Indominus Rex is the primary antagonist of the first Jurassic World film, having been engineered as a ruthless killing machine.

The marketers and scientists at Jurassic World were looking to make the attractions scarier with even smarter, deadlier dinosaurs, so the Indominus Rex was created. While it might have capabilities beyond their historical counterparts, like a surprisingly underutilized camouflaging ability, there’s something about them that just isn’t as interesting as the dinosaurs that really existed.

6 Velociraptors

Jurassic Park: The 20 Most Powerful Dinosaurs, Ranked (15)

The Velociraptors are the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park that fans have really attached to the most. From the first movie up to the last, the Velociraptors have played important and interesting roles. They are smart, deadly, fast, and work together in packs.

In Jurassic Park: The Lost World, it’s made abundantly clear that the Velociraptors can be much worse to come across than some bigger carnivores. While the versions created for the movies are really more based on the Deinonychus (given their much bigger size), the Jurassic Park world calls them Velociraptors.

5 Atrociraptors

Jurassic Park: The 20 Most Powerful Dinosaurs, Ranked (16)

Continuing the Jurassic World trilogy's precedent for creating new species of dinosaurs for their films, the Atrociraptors make their debut in Dominion. Fully living up to their name, Atrociraptors are genetically engineered to kill whichever target their master sets their sights on, serving Soyona Santos during the Malta sequence of the film.

The Atrociraptors are truly the most dangerous breed of raptor in the Jurassic Park franchise, with increased speed, skill, strength, and intelligence, as well as a built-in mechanism that allows their master to select their next quarry. These are a truly terrifying breed of animal that no one in their right mind would want to come across.

4 Therizinosaurus

Jurassic Park: The 20 Most Powerful Dinosaurs, Ranked (17)

The Therizinosaurus is responsible for one of the most harrowing scenes in Dominion, as it tracks Claire Dearing through a forest. The specific dinosaur in Dominion is blind, using its senses of smell and hearing to track its prey, impaling on its long, sharp claws.

The Therizinosaurus is truly a force to be reckoned with, capable of killing most other animals with a mere jab of its claws. When teaming up with the T. rex, it even proves capable of killing the mighty Giganotosaurus in the final act of the film.

3 Mosasaurus

Jurassic Park: The 20 Most Powerful Dinosaurs, Ranked (18)

Perhaps best known for devouring Zara Young and a Pteranodon in one brutal gulp, this water-dwelling dinosaur was first shown in the franchise in Jurassic World. This ocean beast is so huge that it eats sharks as snacks and effortlessly took down the Indominus Rex in one incredible lunge.

The Mosasaurus is proof that the oceans during the time of dinosaurs would have been even scarier than being on the land. With its sheer size, it's simply awe-inspiring.

2 Tyrannosaurus Rex

Jurassic Park: The 20 Most Powerful Dinosaurs, Ranked (19)

While not the biggest carnivore or the fastest, the Tyrannosaurus Rex is truly the most iconic dinosaur in the Jurassic Park franchise. There is no other dinosaur that can compare to the excitement and fear that seeing that T. rex in the first movie created.

It really says something when fans were outraged by the Spinosaurus's defeat of this majestic creature. While other dinosaurs might be able to best the Tyrannosaurus in terms of raw size and power, it will always be the most powerful and influential in the series.

1 Giganotosaurus

Jurassic Park: The 20 Most Powerful Dinosaurs, Ranked (20)

As the main antagonist of Jurassic World: Dominion, the Giganotosaurus certainly lives up to its name, wreaking havoc on the Biosyn reserve during the course of the film. The beast is portrayed as incredibly powerful, able to defeat most other predators that attempt to challenge its domain over the park.

The Giganotosaurus even manages to assert dominance over the T. rex and the Therizinosaurus living in the same reserve, becoming the apex predator therein. It is only after its two biggest competitors team up in a brutal fight against the massive predator that the Giganotosaurus is finally killed.

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Who would win Giga or T-Rex? ›

Both Gianotosaurus and Tyrannosauru Rex were apex predators. In a fight between Giganotosaurus and T-Rex, the Tyrannosaurus would win. The two dinosaurs are pretty similar to one another, but their approaches to fighting would make a world of difference.

What Dinos are the strongest? ›

Of course, the Tyrannosaurus Rex had the strength to be called “the strongest dinosaur”. Rex, a Latin word meaning “King”, reflects the kingly status it achieved due to its imposing characteristics.

Who would win T-Rex or Spinosaurus? ›

In a T-Rex vs Spinosaurus fight, the T-Rex would come away victorious. The Spinosaurus does have the benefit of being able to ambush a T-Rex at the edge of the water, and that might be the lone scenario where the T-Rex loses.

Which dinosaur can defeat T-Rex? ›

In Jurassic Park 3, the Spinosaurus easily defeated the T-rex by clenching its neck tightly between its jaws.

Who would win Therizinosaurus vs T-Rex? ›

A Tyrannosaurus rex would easily kill a Therizinosaurus in a fight. In a complete blowout, Tyrannosaurus rex wins every single category and surely wins the fight.

Who can defeat Giganotosaurus? ›

The Rex would win in a fight against a Giganotosaurus because of its more crushing bite and more agile body together with its strong arms.

Who is the king of all dinosaurs? ›

The king of all the dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus Rex.

What Dino can destroy stone? ›

Stone Structures can be damaged by:
  • Alpha Predators.
  • Ballista Turret.
  • Bosses.
  • DodoRex.
  • Dunkleosteus.
  • Explosives.
  • Giganotosaurus.
  • Metal Weapson/Tools.

Who is the king of dinosaurs? ›

Tyrannosaurus rex is the 'one true king of the dinosaurs' | CNN.

What dinosaur was T-Rex afraid of? ›

In fact, it wasn't at the top of the food chain at all. It was still living in fear of other, more primitive carnivorous dinosaurs called allosaurs, which were the apex predators of the day.

Which dinosaur has 500 teeth? ›

Bizarre 500-toothed dinosaur

On our first day, we found bones of the long-necked dinosaur Nigersaurus. Nigersaurus, you might remember, we named for bones collected on the last expedition here three years ago. This sauropod (long-necked dinosaur) has an unusual skull containing as many as 500 slender teeth.

Is T-Rex stronger than Indominus? ›

Indominus rex would beat a Tyrannosaurus Rex in a fight. The I-rex was built to be the most powerful predator on the planet, and we have a very good simulation in the form of Jurassic World of what would happen in such a fight, and it's not good for the T-rex. Indominus rex is bigger, faster, and probably longer.

What killed the last T-Rex? ›

rex killed by parasite, not combat, scientists say. One of the world's most famous dinosaurs — Sue the T. rex at the Field Museum in Chicago — died of a parasitic infection, not in a fight with another dinosaur, researchers say.

Who was the T-Rex worst enemy? ›

One can imagine its powerfulness. In addition, the Giganotosaurus likes to move out in groups, so he can be regarded as a powerful opponent of the Tyrannosaurus rex. Spinosaurus was the largest carnivorous dinosaur in the age of dinosaurs. It was ferocious, with a body length of about 20 meters.

Is T-Rex stronger than Megalodon? ›

Well, it depends on where they fought. If they fought in the water, megalodon had the advantage being a water dinosaur and being able to survive better underwater. If they fought on land, T-Rex would have the advantage being a land dinosaur and able to breathe air.

Can a Carno beat a Therizinosaurus? ›

Therizinosaurus is a large dinosaur with long arms with sword like claws. A Carno has a short jaw yet powerful. I am confident that therizino will win! The teenager might die but a very large therizinosaurus is a true threat.

Is the Therizinosaurus blind? ›

At some point in its life, the Therizinosaurus within the valley was blinded and left with a white layer over its eyes similar to cataracts.

Who would win tarbosaurus vs Therizinosaurus? ›

Nonetheless, Tarbosaurus is the clear winner in this matchup and every conceivable category if it came to a clean head-on fight. Therizinosaurus was only a sluggish leaf eater who stood about as much of a chance fighting a jaguar as a sloth.

Who is stronger Giga or Spino? ›

The Giganotosaurus was a powerhouse, and it would take down the Spinosaurus. A Giganotosaurus would win a fight against a Spinosaurus. We can't mistake the large size of the Spinosaurus for the ability to kill another massive dinosaur.

What dinosaur killed the Giganotosaurus? ›

The Giganotosaurus also developed a rivalry with the sanctuary's Tyrannosaurus, and the Tyrannosaurus would eventually kill the Giganotosaurus with the aid of a Therizinosaurus.

Who is older Giganotosaurus or T-Rex? ›

Though Giganotosaurus lived almost 30 million years before Tyrannosaurus Rex, and both lived on different American continents, it is impossible to not imagine these giant carnivores fighting.

Why is Ace afraid of water? ›

The reasons for Ace's fear of water are never addressed, but it is possible that it is either due to trauma from his past or just a personal dislike.

Who is the queen of dinosaurs? ›

The queen of the dinosaurs is the Tyrannosaurus rex.

What dinosaurs had 1000000? ›

Nigersaurus Temporal range: Aptian – Albian
Genus:†Nigersaurus Sereno et al., 1999
Species:†N. taqueti
Binomial name
†Nigersaurus taqueti Sereno et al., 1999
11 more rows

What dino gets Obsidian? ›

Obsidian is obtained by harvesting black smooth rocks in caves and on mountains. Best way to harvest Obsidian is with a Ankylosaurus. If you do not have an Ankylosaurus a Metal Pick or a Mantis equipped with a metal pick in the tool slot.

Can Alpha Rex break stone? ›

Alpha Dinos now damage stone structures.

Can titanosaur damage tek? ›

If attacked, it will turn into a fearsome and deadly foe to defend itself; even its weakest attacks cause phenomenal damage that nothing, including tek gear, can withstand for long.

Who are the top 10 biggest dinosaurs? ›

Let's take a closer look at which dinosaurs were the largest to ever walk on this planet.
  • Dreadnoughtus. ...
  • Sauroposeidon. ...
  • Paralititan. ...
  • Giganotosaurus. ...
  • Sigilmassasaurus. ...
  • Epanterias. ...
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex. ...
  • Spinosaurus. The biggest carnivorous dinosaur was the Spinosaurus which was around 18 metres long.
Aug 9, 2022

Who is the very big dinosaur? ›

By these measures, Argentinosaurus was the largest dinosaur, as well as the largest land animal, ever known.

What is the most genius dinosaur? ›

Troodon is believed to be the smartest dinosaur ever, with an EQ of 5.8. This small coelurosaurian dinosaur (similar evolutionary group to modern birds) had a huge brain, especially considering its size, making it the smartest among dinosaurs.

What dinosaur had no predator? ›

The giant jurassic dinosaur Allosaurus was a scavenger, not a predator.

What is the T. rex weakness? ›

What is a Tyrannosaurus rex weakness? Although Tyrannosaurus rex is known for its sharp claws and teeth, this dinosaur also had a few weaknesses. One of them is the presence of extremely short arms, which were too short to be used for eating or grasping items.

What was the most feared dinosaur? ›

Tyrannosaurus rex

The “king of the tyrant lizards” will always be one of the scariest and deadliest dinosaurs around with a bite force three times that of a great white shark - making it the strongest bite force of any land animal that has ever lived.

Which dinosaur had 15 horns? ›

One, Kosmoceratops richardsoni, had 15 horns on its head, while the other, Utahceratops gettyi, had five. Kosmoceratops richardsoni was larger, attaining a length of 18 to 22 feet and a weight of three to four tons.

What dinosaur has 800 teeth? ›

Triceratops, the three-horned frilled plant-eating dinosaur that everyone knows and loves, may have had a secret weapon in its 800 teeth. New research shows there was a lot more to Triceratops' bite than meets the eyes. Triceratops is one of the most iconic dinosaurs of all time.

What dinosaur has the longest claws? ›

The possibly 3.2-foot (1-meter) long claws of Therizinosaurus, which hung down like the alarming mitts of Edward Scissorhands, are said to be the longest claws of all time.

Is Scorpius Rex real? ›

No, the Scorpios Rex was not a real dinosaur. It is fiction. It appeared in the "Jurassic Park" movie series as a hybrid dinosaur frozen and held captive in InGen's secret tunnels, until it escaped.

Who can defeat Indominus Rex? ›

Tyrannosaurus rex is most likely the biggest threat. With more powerful jaws then the indominus rex, a Tyrannosaurus rex family will be the indominus rex biggest nightmare.

Is the Indominus Rex bulletproof? ›

The dinosaur cowers for a couple seconds, then charges at its prey, seemingly undamaged. Like the Indominus rex in the first Jurassic World, the franchise's latest human-made dino seems to be immune to gunfire.

What two dinosaurs died together? ›

It may have been a battle for the ages in ancient Montana. About 67 million years ago, two iconic dinosaurs, a Triceratops horridus and a Tyrannosaurus rex, died and were quickly buried together side by side in a single grave. And both of them bear battle scars.

What is the oldest dinosaur ever found? ›

The newfound fossil, unveiled in the journal Nature, is the oldest definitive dinosaur discovered in Africa, dated to some 230 million years ago, during the Triassic period. The animal is also one of the earliest known ancestors to sauropods, the group that includes iconic long-necked giants such as.

What is the largest T. rex skeleton? ›

Sue, nickname for one of the most complete and best-preserved skeletons of Tyrannosaurus rex. The fossil was dated to approximately 67 million years ago. Measuring 12.8 metres (42 feet) long, Sue is among the largest known skeletons of T. rex.

Who could beat T-Rex in a fight? ›

A Tyrannosaurus Rex might be known for its ferocious bite, but now scientists say a caiman that lived eight million years ago, had a bite TWICE as powerful.

Is T-Rex stronger than lion? ›

rexes had powerful jaws, but they couldn't quite crush bones like their parents. Still, they were no joke, with a bite that exerted over 5,600 newtons of force -- a little more powerful than that of a full-grown lion or tiger.

Who is the king of the T-Rex? ›

As the king of dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus rex was an apex predator — the largest strictly meat-eating land animal that is known to have ever existed.

What killed the megalodon? ›

Global water temperature dropped; that reduced the area where megalodon, a warm-water shark, could thrive. Second, because of the changing climate, entire species that megalodon preyed upon vanished forever. At the same time, competitors helped push megalodon to extinction – that includes the great white shark.

Can a titanoboa eat a megalodon? ›

Megalodon would win a fight against Titanoboa.

The monster snake is a one-trick pony, and that trick isn't any good against a massive shark. Even if it managed to wrap about the shark, it's much too small to kill it.

Is T-Rex stronger than Godzilla? ›

His height has been stated to be anywhere between 164 to 355 feet tall, with a length of 328 to 623 feet. So, at his smallest, Godzilla is approximately 1,024.0 polar bears big. So, on size, Godzilla obviously would whip T-Rex in a fight of pure magnitude.

Who would win Giga or Spino? ›

Who Would Win in a Fight Between a Giganotosaurus and a Spinosaurus? The Giganotosaurus was a powerhouse, and it would take down the Spinosaurus. A Giganotosaurus would win a fight against a Spinosaurus. We can't mistake the large size of the Spinosaurus for the ability to kill another massive dinosaur.

Is the Giga the best Dino in Ark? ›


If Rex is the apex predator of Ark: Survival Evolved, then the Giganotosaurus is second in command on that list. While it's not as large as Rex, the Giga can still be used to absolutely destroy anything that happens to get in its way.

What is stronger than a giga in Ark? ›

Tips & Strategies. In theory, this is the only creature stronger than a giga. More health per level, and with the charge, more damage.

Is the Giga the strongest Dino in Ark? ›

The Giganotosaurus (Or Giga) is an extremely dangerous creature from the game Ark: Survival Evolved, the Giga is one of the strongest dinosaurs in the game, being able to kill other powerful dinosaurs with ease.

Can Spino beat Alpha Rex? ›

Spinosaurus. While not advised, a Spino can hold off an Alpha T-Rex by "juggling" it until backup arrives in an emergency. With care, a powerful Spinosaurus can kill a low-level Alpha T-Rex, though it is not nearly as safe as other methods.

Can a Spino beat a T-Rex? ›

#1 Size, Weight, Height, and Length:

To many people's surprise, the T-Rex gets defeated by the Spinosaurus in terms of size because the T-Rex measured 15,000 lbs in weight, was 12-20 feet tall, and was approximately 40 feet in length. However, the Spinosaurus was a much sturdier dinosaur.

What Dino is bigger than Spino? ›

Paleontologists have suggested that there may have been even larger carnivorous dinosaurs than Spinosaurus, such as Mapusaurus and Carcharodontosaurus.

What is the coolest Dino in ARK? ›

There are several big predators in Ark: Survival Evolved, but the t-rex is arguably the best. Why? Because it is one of the most dominant creatures on the island. The t-rex has a tremendous amount of stamina and health when compared to other predators.

What is the biggest Dino ARK? ›

The Titanosaurus is the largest dinosaur in ARK and only around two or maybe three of them will spawn on a single map. Once they do, they're pretty easy to spot due to their size, but once they're dead, that's it for the duration of that game.

What is an R Giga? ›

The R-variant of the Giga features markings along its back and on top of its head. The Giganotosaurus is currently the sixth largest land creature in the game, with the largest being the King Titan, the second being Rockwell, the third and fourth being the Ice Titan and Forest Titan, and the fifth being the. Titanosaur ...

Can a Maewing hold a Giga? ›

Maewings cannot carry baby Giganotosaurus, Managarmr, Bloodstalkers, or any water creatures, regardless of current stage of growth.

Can Giga destroy Tek? ›

Gigas cannot damage metal structures.

Can a T-Rex beat a giga in ARK? ›

As far as what we know of the real life creatures though Rex and Giga were pretty much around the same size. Giga was only slightly longer than Rex but had more weight to throw around. Rex on the other hand decimates Giga in terms of bite force and had a far more developed set of teeth.

What is the strongest land dino? ›

Tyrannosaurus, meaning "tyrant lizard", from the Ancient Greek tyrannos, "tyrant", and sauros, "lizard" is a genus of coelurosaurian theropod dinosaur. It also had a tremendous bite force, the strongest of any dinosaur and living terrestrial animal.

What is the biggest dino in dino SIM? ›

Spinosaurus - the largest carnivorous dinosaur of all time, it is not only the most famous spinosaurid but also the most powerful in-game.


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