Is There Free Parking At Pentagon City Mall? (2023)

Pentagon City Mall is a shopping mall located in the Pentagon City neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia, near the Pentagon and Crystal City. The mall is owned and managed by Vornado Realty Trust and is anchored by Nordstrom, Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, and JCPenney. Pentagon City Mall also has a variety of dining and entertainment options, as well as a public transportation system that makes it easy to get to and from the mall. One of the most common questions we get about Pentagon City Mall is whether or not there is free parking. The answer is yes, there is free parking at Pentagon City Mall. There are four parking garages at the mall, all of which are free to use. There is also street parking available, though it can be difficult to find a spot during busy times.

It’s simple to park in the Pentagon Row Parking garage, and every elevator now has an automated “Easy Pay” feature.

There is no on-site parking at Pentagon City Metro Station. There is a street parking lot located at 13th Street S, Arlington.

What is the best way to park in Pentagon City? Several metered parking spaces and garages can be found around the Fashion Centre mall. It is important to remember that the Pentagon does not provide off-campus parking for visitors.

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Is Pentagon City Mall Parking Free?

Is There Free Parking At Pentagon City Mall? (1)

Pentagon City Mall does have free parking available for guests. The mall is also conveniently located near the Pentagon City Metro station for those who wish to take public transportation.

The Pentagon City Mall’s parking rates start at $3 for two to twenty minutes and can range from $10 to $20 per day. The mall owns its own on-site parking garage, which can be accessed through the mall’s entrances on Army Navy Drive and 15th Street. For parking in the immediate vicinity, you can find garage spaces for as low as $12 per day. For a few hours at Pentagon City Mall, you can park for as little as $5 to $10 in street parking. There are several parking garages nearby that provide affordable and convenient off-site parking for businesses. If you book a drive-up online ahead of time, the price will be as low as 30%.

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Pentagon City Fashion: The Most (and Least) Fashionable Place To Park

It is not easy to find a parking spot at Pentagon City Fashion. After 6 p.m., you can park for $5 per hour, $3 for the first two hours, $4 for the next two hours, and $5 for the remaining two hours. Parking is also subject to a $20 monthly fee. On the other hand, there is a $25 fee per day for reserved and non-reserved parking. On Sunday through Saturday, parking is available from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

How Much Is Parking At Pentagon City Fashion?

Is There Free Parking At Pentagon City Mall? (2)

Pentagon City Fashion is a great place to shop for fashionable clothing at reasonable prices. The parking is ample and reasonably priced as well. You can find a parking spot close to the store entrance, or in the underground parking garage. The parking garage is well-lit and clean, and the parking attendants are helpful and friendly.

Pentagon City Mall Parking Fee

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Pentagon City Mall is a shopping mall located in Arlington, Virginia, adjacent to the Pentagon. The mall is served by the Pentagon City station on the Blue and Yellow Lines of the Washington Metro. Pentagon City Mall is owned by Brookfield Properties Retail Group. The mall features a food court, two department stores (Macy’s and Nordstrom), and over 170 specialty stores and restaurants. The mall is also home to a 12-screen AMC cinema. Pentagon City Mall offers a variety of parking options to accommodate our shoppers. We have a parking garage located under the mall that offers both hourly and daily parking. We also offer surface parking in our parking lot located adjacent to the mall. The hourly parking rate in our garage is $2.00 per hour with a maximum daily rate of $14.00. The daily parking rate in our surface lot is $10.00.

Pentagon City Mall Parking Hours

Pentagon City Mall parking hours are 6am-10pm Monday through Saturday, and 12pm-6pm on Sundays. The mall is located at 1100 S. Hayes Street, Arlington, VA 22202.

Pentagon City Street Parking

There are many options for street parking in Pentagon City. Most of the streets have metered parking, but there are also some areas with residential parking permits. There are also a few public parking garages in the area.

Pentagon City Mall Parking Map

Pentagon City Mall is located just minutes from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and offers convenient on-site parking. The mall features more than 200 shops, including some of the most popular retailers in the country. Pentagon City Mall is also home to a number of restaurants, cafes, and other dining options.

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A short distance from I-395, on the Virginia side of the Potomac River, lies the Pentagon. You can get to the Pentagon by using Metrorail. Visitors can park in the Pentagon City Mall (The Fashion Center at Pentagon City) and walk to the entrance by using the underground walkway. Pentagon City is located on the 14th Street Bridge, which connects Washington, D.C., to Pentagon City. Pentagon City’s Fashion Centre, the area’s most well-known and popular attraction, offers something to everyone. Crystal City can also be reached via Capital BikeShare. The mall has about 4,000 parking spaces available in public areas.

What Level Is Apple Store Pentagon City?


The Pentagon May Be Twice The Size Of Apple Park, But It Doesn’t Pay Taxes!

The Pentagon, the U.S. military headquarters in Arlington, Va., is less than half the size of Apple Park. As a result, the Department of Defense does not pay taxes, as Apple does.
It has come under fire for outsourcing the manufacturing of its products to overseas contractors, but remember that Apple also employs a large number of Americans. This is an excellent example of how innovation and creativity can be brought together to create something special and amazing.

Pentagon City Mall Parking Validation

Pentagon city mall offers parking validation for two hours with a minimum purchase of $10. The validation can be used for self-parking in the garage only.

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Overnight Parking Pentagon City

Overnight parking at Pentagon City is available in the underground parking garage. The garage is located beneath the shopping mall and can be accessed from the mall entrance on the first level. Parking is $10 per night. There is also a parking lot on the south side of the mall, next to the Metro station, which charges $5 per night.


Is There Free Parking At Pentagon City Mall? ›

How do you pay for parking at the Pentagon City mall? ›

How do you pay for parking at the Pentagon City mall?

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Does the Pentagon have public parking?

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Where do you park when visiting the Pentagon?

How much is parking at Pentagon City Metro? ›

How much is parking at Pentagon City Metro?


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