How to Watch South Park Season 26 on Paramount Plus In Canada in 2023 (2023)

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Fans of South Park, the super-hit animated show can finally watch South Park Season 26 on Paramount Plus in Canada by making use of ExpressVPN.

Paramount Plus is one of the most highly-rated streaming platforms in the world and users in Canada can easily get access to their favourite Paramount Plus shows like At Midnight on Paramount Plus by subscribing to ExpressVPN.

In this Paramount Plus review, we will discuss how you can watch South Park Paramount Plus episodes, where to watch South Park, South Park’s number of seasons, and South Park the streaming wars release time.

How to Watch South Park Season 26 on Paramount Plus In Canada – (Quick Steps)

To watch South Park season 26 on Paramount Plus in Canada, follow these simple steps provided in the table below:

  • Subscribe to a reliable VPN (Recommended: ExpressVPN).
  • Download the VPN app onto your preferred device and set the ExpressVPN server to the United Kingdom (Recommended server: Docklands).
  • Proceed to the official Paramount Plus website or the Paramount Plus app on your device.
  • Search for South Park Season 26 on Paramount Plus
  • Watch South Park season 26 on Paramount Plus in Canada.

Watch South Park season 26 with ExpressVPN

Where can I watch South Park Season 26 In Canada?

You can watch South Park Season 26 in Canada on Paramount Plus. The show was previously available for streaming on Netflix, but users can now use Paramount Plus to stream the animated show.

You must be wondering why is South Park on Paramount Plus? The popular show is available on Paramount Plus as the creators of the show signed a deal with Paramount Plus, which brings the season onto the platform exclusively.

The Paramount Plus cost is just 6.99 GBP per month, and new Paramount Plus subscribers can avail of the Paramount Plus free trial, which will last them 7 days. Once the trial is done, you will also be able to cancel Paramount Plus at any given time, without having to pay a fee.

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What is “South Park” Season 26 about?

“South Park” season 26 is about the adventures of 4 funny but foul-mouthed fourth graders.

These four individuals include Eric Cartman who has been described as a “rude, obnoxious, sadistic, racist, fat kid”, Stan Marsh, a friend of Eric’s who usually just keeps to himself, and has a crush on Wendy Testaberger.

Kyle Brofloski who is a religious Jewish kid who is always bullied for being Jewish, and the last of the group is Kenny, who always seems to die in every single episode.

Each episode usually consists of a strange phenomenon that is occurring in the town of South Park, Colorado. These strange instances include aliens, Michael Jackson moving into South Park, a Kanye West meltdown, and Eric feeding Scott Tenorman his parents.

Terrence & Philip, the comedic duo are also a much-awaited feature in the episodes. Now, you must be wondering when is South Park coming back and how to stream South Park? Well, it has been released on Paramount Plus Canada on 8th February 2023.

It’s important to note that due to the content of the show, many viewers have asked “how old should you be to watch South Park?” Thus, make sure you are 13 or above before you try streaming the show.

How Many Seasons of South Park are available on Paramount Plus?

All previous seasons of South Park, including the complete 310 episodes of South Park are available on Paramount Plus internationally. All the new episodes of the series will also be available on Paramount Plus starting Season 27 in 2024.

These episodes will be available in Canada, and also in every other Paramount Plus available country.

Is there a trailer of “South Park” Season 26?

Yes, there is a trailer for South Park season 26 and it can be accessed via YouTube. Hype yourself up for the latest episodes and watch the South Park Season 26 trailer below:

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch “South Park” In Canada?

ExpressVPN is undoubtedly the best VPN to watch South Park season 26 on Paramount Plus in Canada as there are no server disconnections or buffering experienced while streaming the content with the VPN.

ExpressVPN has 3000+ servers worldwide in 94+ countries, 5 UK servers, and a consistent download speed of 92.26 Mbps, allowing anyone in Canada to use it to watch the latest South Park season on Paramount Plus.

The Docklands server is the best server for South Park season 26 streaming on Paramount Plus In Canada. The server enabled us to access Paramount Plus Canada without any lag or interruptions.

How to Watch South Park Season 26 on Paramount Plus In Canada in 2023 (1)

Enjoy streaming South Park season 26 on Paramount Plus with ExpressVPN.

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Recommended server: Docklands server

One of the most helpful features of ExpressVPN is the Mediastreamer tool, which allows you to use devices that are not compatible with VPNs to stream content from any region.

With ExpressVPN you can also watch the other best content available on Paramount Plus like Star Trek: Picard (Season 3), 65th Annual Grammy Awards, and multiple other shows, movies, and events.

The app of ExpressVPN can be used on Android, iOS, Windows, Roku, Chromecast, Smart TV, LG TV, Firestick and PlayStation. It also offers 24/7 live chat support for assistance.

ExpressVPN will cost you only CA$ 9.1 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan. A 30-day money-back guarantee is also included in the subscription package.

Watch South Park season 26 with ExpressVPN


Does Paramount Plus have South Park?

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Yes, Paramount Plus has South Park, and we would recommend all fans of the show to sign up for the platform immediately. The platform has become the official partner of South Park and will be including its episodes exclusively on the platform.

Is South Park Season 25 streaming on Paramount Plus?

Yes, South Park season 25 can be streamed on Paramount Plus. The South Park 25th Anniversary Concert and the South Park full movie are also available on Paramount Plus.

Does Paramount Plus have all South Park episodes?

Yes, Paramount Plus has all South Park episodes. As some streaming platforms may not be available in Canada, Paramount Plus is your best bet to access South Park, as it includes all the seasons in the South Park Paramount Plus order 1-25.

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How many episodes of South Park will be on Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus is in the planning stages of bringing over 300 episodes of South Park to the streaming platform internationally.

The platform will also include 2 new South Park Paramount Plus specials which were released in 2022, South Park Paramount Plus special 3, and starting from 2024, South Park episodes streaming will be available on Paramount Plus as soon as they are released.

Wrap Up

Get your popcorn ready and watch South Park season 26 on Paramount Plus in Canada, with the help of ExpressVPN. The VPN will help you get past the Paramount Plus error codes and all the geo-restriction errors that you may face in your region.

If you’re wondering will Paramount Plus have South Park, then you’ll be glad to hear that Paramount Plus has recently bought the rights to South Park streaming, and you will now be able to watch any South Park exclusive event, episode, or South Park Paramount Plus movies on the platform.

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Where to watch South Park Season 26 canada? ›

The next new episode of South Park season 26 airs March 29. New episodes will also be available to stream the following day in HD on (opens in new tab), (opens in new tab) and the Comedy Central App (opens in new tab).

Does Paramount Plus Canada have South Park? ›

You can watch South Park Season 26 on Paramount Plus. The season 26 South Park release date was 8th February 2023 with a new episode releasing every week on the platform.

Where can I watch South Park in Canada? ›

South Park was released on Comedy Central and still airs on the comedic channel. Since HBO MAX has a contract with comedy central, it makes sense that you can find seasons of this stop-motion animated show right on this app.

What shows are on Paramount Plus Canada? ›


Where is New South Park streaming? ›

Are New Episodes Streaming? Yes, you can stream each new episode of “South Park” in HD on, and the Comedy Central App post-premiere. Each episode will also be streaming on HBO Max the next day.

What episode of South Park is Canada? ›

"Canada on Strike" is the fourth episode in the twelfth season of the American animated television series South Park. The 171st episode of the series overall, it first aired on Comedy Central in the United States on April 2, 2008.

Can I use my Paramount Plus in Canada? ›

Jun 21, 2022•Knowledge. You can watch Paramount+ whilst travelling within the European Union, Australia, Canada, Latin America, or Brazil but please note that you may experience some of the following changes: Selection of shows and movies may vary from country to country.

Is South Park on Netflix Canada? ›

March 2023 Update: South Park has been removed from all Netflix libraries around the world. However, there's still a way to stream the show, no matter your location! All episodes of South Park are now exclusively available on HBO Max's US library.

How can I watch South Park on Paramount Plus? ›

To watch South Park season 26 on Paramount Plus in USA, you will need a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN. The animated chaos of the South Park comedy series returns for another wild and surprising season. Since its debut in 1997, the show has been on the air for a remarkable 26 seasons and more than 300 episodes.

Can you get into Canada South Park? ›

Canada is a location in South Park: The Stick of Truth and a mentioned location in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. In South Park: The Stick of Truth, the New Kid can visit Canada when he obtains his passport through Cartman.

Can you go to Canada in South Park? ›

To get to Canada, go to the Lost Forest (Lost Woods) and keep going UP (NORTH) (4 times upwards). The following quests take place in Canada: Forging Alliances.

Is South Park located in Canada? ›

Setting and characters. South Park centers around four boys: Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick. The boys live in the fictional small town of South Park, located within the real-life South Park basin in the Rocky Mountains of central Colorado, approximately a one-hour drive from Denver.

Is Paramount Plus Canada different than USA? ›

Yes, Paramount Plus is available in Canada. However, you don't get the same content catalog as the US version of the platform. As a result, you may find many of your favorite TV shows and movies missing from the Canadian version of the streaming service.

What's coming to Paramount Plus Canada January 2023? ›

New on Paramount Plus in January 2023: 'Mayor of Kingstown,' 'Teen Wolf: The Movie' and more
  • Top products in this article:
  • Jan. Sometimes When We Touch series premiere.
  • Jan. Mayor of Kingstown season 2 premiere.
  • Jan. Are You the One? ...
  • Jan. Teen Wolf: The Movie premiere. ...
  • Jan. Tough As Nails (Season 4)
  • Jan. ...
  • Jan.
Jan 10, 2023

How much is Paramount Plus Canada for a year? ›

The Premium plan costs CAD 12.86 ($9.99) per month or CAD 128.6 ($99.99) for an annual subscription) and gives you access to all the features of Paramount+, including no commercial breaks when streaming TV shows and on-demand movies, as well as a live feed streaming from your local CBS station.

Will new South Park be on HBO Max? ›

Paramount's statement adds that the studios have continued to provide new “South Park” episodes to HBO Max “despite the fact that Warner Bros. Discovery has failed and refused to pay license fees that it owes to Paramount for episodes that have already been delivered, and which HBO Max continues to stream.”

How many episodes are in South Park Season 26? ›

Is South Park staying on HBO Max? ›

Yes! Not only are seasons 1-25 available to stream on HBO Max, but new episodes for season 26 will go to HBO Max the day after they air on Comedy Central.

Why does Ike look Canadian? ›

Though the Broflovski family all love him as their own, Ike was actually born in Canada as Peter Gintz, to Harry and Elsie Gintz.

What happened to Canada in South Park? ›

Garrison sadly follows Kyle's orders and bombs Canada, killing presumably hundreds of thousands of Canadians. This is probably the biggest blow Canada has taken and will possibly change Canada in South Park forever.

How many episodes of South Park are on Paramount Plus? ›

Ahead of that, however, the complete library of all 310 episodes of “South Park” will be available to stream on Paramount+ internationally in 2022. Additionally, beginning with Season 27 of the show in 2024, new episodes of “South Park” will have their U.S. and global streaming premieres on Paramount+.

Why is my Paramount Plus saying not available in my country? ›

If you have Paramount Network, and have a cable TV provider login, but are located outside the United States and its territories, you will not be able to play episodes from the app or website.

Can I use an American Paramount Plus account in Canada? ›

You can stream Paramount+ within the United States only, including Alaska and Hawaii. This also includes the U.S. Territories of American Samoa, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the U.S.

How do you access Paramount Plus us in Canada? ›

Here are the steps on how to watch American Paramount Plus in Canada:
  1. Get a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the VPN application on your device.
  3. Connect to a US server. Recommended server: New York.
  4. Open Paramount Plus, log in with your account, and watch American Paramount Plus in Canada.
Feb 21, 2023

Does Netflix Canada have parks and recreation? ›

Other notable titles include Superstore, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Office. It led us to say that 2021 was a golden age for sitcoms on Netflix internationally. Six Netflix regions received Parks and Recreation back on February 1st, 2021 including Netflix UK, Canada, Australia, Iceland, Sweden, and South Africa.

Is South Park leaving Prime video? ›

South Park is set to move exclusively to streaming service Paramount+ globally in the next few years, it has been confirmed. The long-running animation has been available on the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime in the UK, as well as HBO Max in the US.

Where can I watch HBO Max in Canada? ›

Watch HBO online on Crave in Canada. Subscribe Now to Stream. After the destruction of modern civilization, a hardened survivor is hired to save a 14-year-old girl from an oppressive quarantine zone. Who Doesn't Like Stacked Odds?

What is the code for South Park on Paramount Plus? ›

Watch the all-new SOUTH PARK THE STREAMING WARS, now on #ParamountPlus. Use promo code SOUTHPARK for one month free at.

Why can't I watch the new South Park on Paramount Plus? ›

Is South Park season 26 on Paramount Plus? Unfortunately, South Park season 26 is not streaming on Paramount Plus — the home of the South Park specials. Previous South Park seasons are on HBO Max.

Is South Park staying on Paramount Plus? ›

South Park season 26 details

Catch season 26 episodes weekly on Paramount Plus starting 10 February 2023.

How do I get to Canada and Stick of Truth? ›

Reaching the border, provided the player has not already found their way beforehand, is a simple matter. Entering the forest and following Kyle's directions of going North, North, then North... and North again, will put the players in front of the Canadian guard barring the way.

Can I walk into Canada? ›

The Authority welcomes travelers to walk across the bridge. Just remember, it can be pretty windy up there, and don't forget to bring your proper border crossing personal identification too. 1.) Pedestrians and bicyclists are required to carry the same identification as if you were traveling by automobile.

How to get into Canada in South Park The Fractured But Whole? ›

According to Games Radar, you have to have already beaten Professor Chaos in order to be able to reach the Canadian border wall. You'll need to be able to pause time using the Time Fart in order to get past the farmer who is blocking the road to Canada.

Can I enter Canada without a passport? ›

Entry into Canada: Canadian law requires that all persons entering Canada carry proof of citizenship and identity. A valid U.S. passport, passport card, or NEXUS card satisfies these requirements for U.S. citizens. Children under 16 only need proof of U.S. citizenship.

How do I stream South Park Post Covid Canada? ›

SOUTH PARK: POST COVID - Watch Full Movie on Paramount Plus.

Where is the Canadian barking spider? ›

Canadian Barking Spider of the Queefing Caverns

In Canada, at the top right of the map is a square spider web, it'll be a white square thing. Go up to it, killing any Dire Animals you want, interact with it, and once again beat it up.

Which part of Canada is south? ›

The North encompasses the territories as well as the northern regions of Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. The South refers to the southern regions of these provinces and includes Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Is there a park in Canada? ›

About national parks

There are 37 national parks and 10 national park reserves in Canada that represent 31 of Canada's 39 terrestrial natural regions and protect approximately 336,343 square kilometers of Canada's lands.

What town is South Park in real life? ›

The Town of Fairplay is the visual basis for the Town of South Park in the television series South Park. The people in the show are influenced by Boulder, Colorado, where creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker attended college at the University of Colorado.

Is South Park on Netflix in Canada? ›

March 2023 Update: South Park has been removed from all Netflix libraries around the world. However, there's still a way to stream the show, no matter your location! All episodes of South Park are now exclusively available on HBO Max's US library.

Where can I watch South Park Covid special in Canada? ›

Currently you are able to watch "South Park: Post COVID" streaming on Paramount Plus, Paramount+ Amazon Channel or buy it as download on Apple TV.

Why is South Park not on prime anymore? ›

What streaming service has all seasons of South Park? The streaming rights to “South Park” in the US will be split between HBO Max and Paramount+ until 2025, when the entire series will move to Paramount+. Beginning in 2021, Paramount+ has two exclusive “South Park” movies or “events”, only available on the service.

Where does South Park air in Canada? ›

For those in Canada, you can watch South Park Season 26 on MUCH at 10pm ET / PT, from February 8 which comes as a part of CTV's roster of channels. You can watch live and catch-up on-demand through the CTV website, but you'll need to login with your cable provider details.

Is South Park no longer on Paramount Plus? ›

As part of MTV Entertainment Studios' new deal with co-creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, “South Park” will extend through its 30th season along with 14 specials on Paramount Plus, building on “South Park: Post COVID” and “South Park: Post COVID: The Return of COVID,” which debuted in 2021.

Which streaming service has Longer Uncut South Park? ›

Watch South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut | Movies | HBO Max.

Is South Park Bigger Longer and Uncut on Paramount Plus? ›

South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut - Watch Full Movie on Paramount Plus.

Is the South Park: Post COVID special only on Paramount Plus? ›

"South Park: Post Covid" (also stylized "South Park: Post COVID") is a 2021 American adult animated comedy television special episode written and directed by Trey Parker. It is the first in a series of South Park television specials for the streaming service Paramount+ and premiered on November 25, 2021.

Can you only watch South Park: Post COVID on Paramount Plus? ›

Hey, that's pretty kewl! Fans of the hit animated series can now watch new exclusive events -- SOUTH PARK: POST COVID, SOUTH PARK: POST COVID: THE RETURN OF COVID and ​​SOUTH PARK THE STREAMING WARS PART 1 & PART 2 -- only on Paramount+.

Is South Park moving to HBO? ›

HBO Max announced in October 2019 it had won the exclusive streaming rights to South Park, with all 23 seasons of the show available on the service and three new seasons to debut 24 hours after premiering on Comedy Central.

Why did Hulu remove South Park? ›

Why is South Park not on Hulu anymore? In 2014, Hulu purchased rights to exclusively stream South Park for three years. Those rights expired in 2020, and on June 23, 2020, South Park said goodbye to Hulu. However, on June 24, HBO Max welcomed all 23 seasons of the hit animated comedy series.


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