7 best woodland mansion seeds for Minecraft 1.19 update (2023)

One of the rarest structures in Minecraft is the woodland mansion. These dark, imposing builds are found in one of the rarer overworld biomes: the dark oak forest, but only very rarely. The compounding rarity of the biome and the structure itself makes finding them quite rare, with some players not having one in the first 10 thousand blocks of a world.

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This means that if players want quick access to these rare structures, one of the best ways is by using a seed that will guarantee the structure is nearby. Seven amazing seeds for woodland mansions can be found below.

7 incredible seeds for good starts and nearby Minecraft woodland mansions

7) Pentuple Witch Spawn

7 best woodland mansion seeds for Minecraft 1.19 update (1)

The seed is: 4607722654642107100

  • Woodland Mansion: -1080, 168
  • Village: 176, 112
  • Pillager Outpost: 64, 304

This seed spawns players on the edge of a massive swamp biome. The swamp biome has a large central area, with tendril-like extensions outward to the north, south, and west. This swamp biome has a total of five witch huts in it, which is quite rare. There is also a village, ruined portal, and pillager outpost all near spawn.

Almost directly to the west, past two of the witch huts and after the end of one of the swamp's tendrils, is a small dark oak forest featuring a woodland mansion. Something interesting has happened with this mansion, though, as there is a ruined portal that has been generated inside the mansion. Maybe the illagers are experimenting with dimensional travel?

6) Mangrove Spawn

7 best woodland mansion seeds for Minecraft 1.19 update (2)

The seed is: 1692588134843274606

  • Woodland Mansion: -680, 1688
  • Village: 240, 224
  • Village: 384, -176
  • Pillager Outpost: 304, -688

The seed spawns players right on the edge of a moderately-sized mangrove swamp biome, new to Minecraft's 1.19 The Wild Update. This makes this seed perfect for players wanting to experience the new biome quickly.

There are also two villages within the first few hundred blocks of spawn, and on the other side of the mangrove swamp is a regular swamp with two witch huts. To the southwest, a dark oak forest is broken up by snowy peaks, with a woodland mansion on the eastern edge of the biome.

5) Survival Island Spawn

7 best woodland mansion seeds for Minecraft 1.19 update (3)

The seed is: -6132614154306023529

  • Woodland Mansion: 504, -1000
  • Village: -416, -320

This seed spawns players on a large island, sectioned into three parts by two small rivers. It would be a good survival island for players wanting to avoid traveling to the mainland, as the largest of the island's sections features both a village and a ruined portal that players can loot.

The ocean surrounding the island is filled with several shipwrecks, which players can also loot. If they follow the ocean to the northeast, they can find a river that will lead straight to a woodland mansion that is almost entirely in the river, with only a small portion actually on any of the land of the dark forest biome.

4) Island Mansion

7 best woodland mansion seeds for Minecraft 1.19 update (4)

The seed is: -2556140292420244606

  • Woodland Mansion: 1544, -920
  • Pillager Outpost: -736, -160
  • Village: -352, 704
  • Large Mushroom Biome: 1200, -2000

This seed spawns players on a small stony island just off the coast of a mixture of forested and snowy hills. Just over the crest of the hill, there is a pillager outpost, with a village to the south. The ocean the players' spawn island is in consists of shipwrecks, with mushroom islands scattered nearby.

Past these mushroom islands, there is a small archipelago, mostly consisting of swamplands. However, one of the smaller ancillary islands is a totally dark forest, with a woodland mansion jutting out over the water, with only about half of the mansion on the island. Just north of this mansion is another mushroom island. However, this one is quite large, making it a good place for a potential base.

3) Witches and Villages

7 best woodland mansion seeds for Minecraft 1.19 update (5)

The seed is: 1082076600363404348

  • Woodland Mansion: -488, -632
  • Village: -272, -208
  • Village: 112, -400
  • Village: -448, 160
  • Village: -800, -208
  • Center Witch Hut: -1304, -312

This seed spawns players in the middle of a smattering of useful and interesting structures. Players spawn in a large plains biome, broken up to the north and west by forests and swamps, respectively. The plains biome players spawn in is filled with four villages, with the swamp having four swamp huts and two ruined portals.

There is also a small dark oak forest to the north, fragmented around the swamp and a river. Along the river, there is a woodland mansion, which players can take on with the loot they get from the numerous villages and ruined portals on the way to it.

2) Double Mansion village spawn

7 best woodland mansion seeds for Minecraft 1.19 update (6)

The seed is: 509314206635403857

  • Woodland Mansion: -792, 328
  • Woodland Mansion: -456, -904
  • Village: 80, -464

This seed spawns players on a beach of a small lake. The body of water has two shipwrecks, with two buried treasures on the opposite coastline. There is a village just north of spawn, only a few hundred blocks away.

Northwest of this village is a long, narrow dark oak forest, with a woodland mansion resting on the edge of a small lake. There is a second woodland mansion in a much smaller dark oak forest just past the buried treasures on the opposite side of the spawn lake, to the southwest.

1) Triple Mansions

7 best woodland mansion seeds for Minecraft 1.19 update (7)

The seed is: 2344852476605316455

  • Woodland Mansion: -872, -968
  • Woodland Mansion: 4424, 2040
  • Woodland Mansion: 4552, -2216
  • Village: 0, 384

This seed spawns players in a plains biome with a river to the north and a small ocean biome to the south. The ocean biome contains two shipwrecks and buried treasures. Below this southern ocean is a village with a blacksmith that players can loot for quick gear and items. To the northwest, there is a woodland mansion on the outer rim of a very large dark oak forest.

While the other two mansions are a bit farther away, at around five thousand blocks away, the fact that there are three woodland mansions this close to spawn is quite a rare phenomenon in Minecraft. This makes it quite the rare seed and a great world for players who enjoy conquering these bastions of illager evil.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

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